Our Grapes - Petit Verdot

The name Petit Verdot ('small green') refers to one of the main problems with the grape, that often the berries fail to develop properly without the right weather during flowering. It also refers to the late ripening which usually comes too late for the Bordeaux climate in France, but is typically not a problem in northern California. Petit Verdot also has a peculiar characteristic in that it produces more than two clusters per shoot. Some thinning may be required to control crop load.


At Speedy Creek, our Petit Verdot is grown on a lyre trellis system with vines spaced 6-feet apart with 10-foot row spaceing (6x10). The vines were grafted to 3309 rootstock, and receive drip irrigation during the growing season. They were orignially planted in 1995.  Typical yields are 4 tons to the acre, and wine from these grapes is blended with our Cabernet Sauvignon.