Vine to Table

I'm a home cook, not a chef but a cook.  Well enough that most of the time I'd rather eat in as opposed to eating out. Why? Because I know that if I start with really good stuff I'll come up with something tasty, fresh and (here's the word) healthy. 

My philosophy... Good Food like Good Wine comes from good ingredients.  It's that simple.  If you start with something excellent you can be bold because you know that it's going to be great. 

And while I would love that double fried thing on a bun with a side of mac and fry, the reality is that I would much prefer to live long enough to drink another bottle of wine.

The recipe is an outline and version of one I found long ago.  Make it as you like.  Start with good stuff and it will be delicious.  For me olives, capers and tomatoes are their own food group so I add plenty.  The sauce is made from the wine and chicken broth.  

I suggest starting with chicken that is free range, antibiotic and hormone free.  You can use thighs, breast, skinless, boneless or whatever you prefer.  Without the bones the dish cooks very quickly and is done in under 30 minutes.  

I pair this with harvest grains and a green garden salad with homemade anchovy dressing.  Like an egg and cheese free Caesar it's fresh, tangy and pairs really well with the olives. 

Olive Oil - Enough to lightly coat bottom of pan.
Shallot - Large and chopped
Red Pepper - As spicy and as much as you would like
Black Olives - rough chop
Green Olives - rough chop
Sundried Tomatoes
Chicken Broth (I use organic Better than Buillion Chicken Base and then add water).
Light Wine (I use Speedy Creek Rosato Di Sangiovese)   

  •  Lightly dredge the chicken in flour, granulated garlic, paprika and seasoned salt. (The flour helps to create a gravy as well as add flavor to the chicken). 
  •  Pan fry chicken in Olive Oil under medium high heat until browned on both sides.  Remove from pan.  (If you've used chicken with the skin on you may have additional fat/oil in the pan. Get rid of some but make sure to leave the bottom bits of flavor).

  •  Add chopped Shallot pan along with Red Pepper and sauté until soft.

  •  Add Wine and reduce quickly.  Then add Chicken Broth

  •  Place Chicken back into pan and than add Olives, Capers and Sundried Tomatoes. 

  •  Cook until chicken is done. (Boneless will be quick.  If you are using a bone in piece I suggest covering and lowering heat to med-low.)

Serve with Speedy Creek Sangiovese!